UCF Regulations

Chapter 4: Administrative and Financial Affairs

  • Trespass and Loitering

  • Property Control

  • Razing of Building

  • Solicitation on Campus

  • Budgets of University of Central Florida

  • Investments

  • Fraud Prevention and Detection

  • Fee Policy - Payments, Refunds, and Release of Fee Liability

  • Student Financial Aid

  • Deferred Payment Status

  • Use of University Facilities; Definitions; Priority of Use; Restrictions on Use

  • Potentially Hazardous Events

  • Use of University Grounds by the Campus Community; Campus Demonstrations and Outdoor Events

  • Use of University Facilities; General Requirements

  • Campus Water Activities

  • Assignment and Use of University Vehicles

  • Delinquent Accounts Receivable

  • University Direct Support Organizations

  • Alcoholic Beverages on Campus

  • Skateboarding, Bicycling, Scooting, Skating, and Similar Activities on University Property

  • Educational Research Center for Child Development

UCF Regulations

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