UCF Regulations

Chapter 3: Personnel Matters

  • Nondiscrimination; Affirmative Action Programs

  • Nondiscrimination in University Training and Instruction NOTICE: Regulation suspended pending further Court action

  • Tuition Waiver Benefit Programs

  • Additional Compensation for UCF Employees

  • Faculty Evaluation and Improvement

  • Resignation and Nonrenewal of Non-unit Faculty and Administrative and Professional Staff Members

  • Layoff

  • Discipline and Termination for Cause of Non-unit Faculty and A & P Staff Members

  • USPS Non-unit Grievance Procedure

  • Complaints and Grievances Alleging Discrimination, Harassment or Retaliation

  • Faculty and Administrative and Professional Development Leave Program

  • Promotion and Tenure of Tenured and Tenure-earning Faculty

  • Promotion of Full-time Non-tenure-earning, Research, and Clinical Faculty

  • Instructor and Lecturer Faculty Promotion

  • Promotion of Non-tenure-earning Instructional Designers

  • Conflict of Interest or Commitment; Outside Activity or Employment

  • Disruptive Conduct

  • Disciplinary Action -- USPS

  • USPS Sick Leave Pool

  • Faculty and A&P Sick Leave Pool

  • Meritorious Service Awards Program

  • Faculty Assignments

  • USPS Predetermination Procedures for Employees with Regular Status

  • Evaluations

  • University Closures

  • Grievance Procedure for Non-Unit Faculty Employees

  • Grievance Procedure for Non-Unit A&P Employees

  • Notice of Separation for USPS Employees

  • Direct Deposit Program

  • Benefits and Hours of Work

  • Regular Status for USPS Employees

  • Separations from Employment

  • USPS and A&P Employee Promotion, Change in Assignment, and Demotion

  • Compensation

  • Sensitive Information Disclosure

UCF Regulations

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